Introducing God is one of the most difficult things to do. It is like presenting a three-dimensional reality on a flat surface. God is the most captivating figure in human history with a very unusual track record. His deeds are unprecedented but often very disturbing. He is to be loved yet often irritates. He is above all human limitations but gets angry and outright emotional. Though beyond criticism, He is judged by the strictest criteria of justice. Religious people believe that He is the only One who really has it all together and knows what He is doing.

Others, however, are convinced that He is absent-minded, allows things to get out of hand and causes unnecessary pain to many of His creations. Nobody has ever been the subject of so much controversy or the object of such admiration. And no one is so conspicuous while using an ingenious hideout called the universe. God is the great mystery in man’s life, yet some human beings have a relationship with Him like that of a best friend, one with whom they converse and to whom they can complain. He is the personal psychologist of millions of people but is ultimately blamed for anything that goes wrong. Who is this strange figure called God?

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo, “Some Thoughts about God,” Thoughts to Ponder (17 July 2011)