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“If you ask me, ‘You’re 60, what’s one of the best things you’ve picked up?’ Two things I would say. One is stop trying to be Superman. Allow yourself to make mistakes and serve the team. I spent so many of my younger days thinking it had to be about me, you had to hear me, you had to see me. The other thing is, and it’s a double-edged sword because I live to work, I love it, is that all my life, no matter what happened, I wanted to capitalize on it, turn it into something to move me forward, make my career better. Where do I need to go? As opposed to ‘Are you even for one second where you are? Are you seeing anything you’re doing?’”

Mandy Patinkin quoted in Alex Witchel, “‘I Behaved Abominably'”, The New York Times Magazine (25 August 2013), 58.


What I find most interesting is the views that are most repugnant to me.

Irwin Kula, “Texts Without Borders,” Rabbis Without Borders (New York City: 8 November 2011),